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Sion Harp Museum News 2016

The 12th Harp Live Concert at Madarao Kogen Sion Harp Museum
took place on June 11th, Saturday, 2016 quite successfully with the
assistance of more than 100 persons from all over Japan. Harp Duo
Group SONRISA played Paraguayan magnificent pieces such as
CASCADA, PAJARO CAMPANA etc. among other things.
The followed dinner party also enjoyed great performances of Grand
Cocert Harp play , Irish Harp play, Belly dance, Hawaiian hura dance,
Piano play with singing, Guitar play with singing as usual, yet with a
great emotion this time.
The followings are the photos of this event.
We shall look forward to seeing all of you again early next June at
Madarao for the 13th Harp Concert.



The 12th harp live concert at Madarao Kogen Sion Harp Museum will be held on June 11th, Saturday, 2016. 
The Latin duo harpist called SONRISA will perform their magnificent play with two  ARPAS.
This coincert, though organized only once a year, is gaining its popularity to a great extent recently ,world wide,
by its special playing circumstances in the pure nature of Madarao Kogen Highlands.
It sometimes realizes the true harmony between the Nature of the season,full of green colors all around and the beautiful sound of harps of all kinds. 
PLease anytime come and join in this most valuable event.


Madarao Kogen Sion Harp Museum News 2015 No. 2

Articles about Madarao Kogen Sion Harp Museum were presented as above-attached
on November 18th, 2015 at Nagano regional column of Asahi Shimbun morning edition, a Japanese nationwide leading newspaper.
This museum was opened on June 2005, thus it has passed 10 years already.
Taking advantage of the recent great improvement of traffic access from Tokyo to Iiyama;the railway station newly opened by the inauguration of HOKURIKU SHIINKANSEN early this spring, now it will only take you for less than 2 hours from Tokyo to Iiyama;the nearest raiway station to Madarao!! Please come and see us!!
We shall look forward to having another challenging 10 years` development of this museum from now on.

Madarao Kogen Sion Harp Museum news 2015 No.1

On June 6th,2015, Saturday, the 11th Harp Concert in Madarao Highlands was quite successfully held with the audience of more than 80 persons.
The dinner party was followed also with the presence of more than 80 persons all seated. A lot of musicians voluntarily played a great variety of world music such as Latin American Folk Music, Violin solo play , Piano play with singing, Ocarina play sometimes with Irish harp, Irish Harp play with singing, Guitar play with singing, Indian drum, belly dance performance etc.etc.
It became such an unforgettable night with a lot of beautiful memories back home.
The owner of this harp museum shall look forward to realizing the similar wonderful opportunity at next harp concert to be held next June and express to all participants of this time Madarao Harp Concert his sincere gratitude from the bottom of his heart!! Once again thank you very much and until next time!!!
Some scenes through photographs of this wonderful event are attached herewith for your information. But I’m sorry to say the real value of this most enjoyable moment can be felt realistically only by your presence of the event.
So, I certainly wish your presence, if not yet, at next Madarao Harp Concert without fail!!




 第二部 夕食会風景







  第11回ハープコンサートin 斑尾ハイランド開催のお知らせ

News from MadaraoKogenSion Harp Museum 2014  No.3

On October 29th, 2014, an article about the evolution of my harp museum was widely introduced through NIHON KEIZAI SHINBUN, in its morning nation-wide edition at its column called “CULTURE”. This newspaper is one of the leading Japanese newspapers and is very widely subscribed especially by Japanese representative business fields.

By this article , we wish that the museum will be more widely acknowledged among Japanese and all other people and somehow contribute to the increase of popularity of HARPS in general.  Hereby the article is attached for your reference, although please excuse us as it is fully written in Japanese!!


News from Madarao Kogen Sion Harp Museum 2014・No.2

I,the owner of this harp museum, have just published
a book about harp as follows:
The title : Harp , its history and its geographical expansion
Author: Mr. Kazuhiko Sakata(owner of this museum)
Price: 1620 Japanese Yen (tax included) all in Japanese.
Publishing company: Tokyo Tosho Shuppan
Publishing day: August 18th , 2014
The contents: Author‘s long lasted study about harp has reflected in the contents of the book, thus inviting all those persons who are interested in harps in general to the real harp world!! Please take a look without fail, and feel the 5000 years‘ history of harp and its geographical expansion worldwide.
This book is undoubtedly a pioneer book about harp in Japan.


News from Madarao Kogen Sion Harp Museum 2014・No1

“The 10th commemorative Harp Concert at Madarao Kogen Sion Harp Museum, Northern Nagano, Japan took place on June 7th ( Saturday), 2014 quite successfully with the audience of more than  70 persons. Electric Harp by Japan`s representative harpist SANAE , accompanied by Macha and Satoshi, two famous guitarists has brought totally new sound to the audience, as we are so used to the traditional  harp sound coming from the so-called normal  harp sound with traditional instruments & strings. In a way it`s very exciting and shocking to us all. This museum is trying to introduce and familialize  harp sounds of all types through live harp concerts,accumulated 10 times till this time, and we will go on and continue this project ,though nothing is materialized yet for the 11th live harp concert, which will be celebrated next June. Please wait for further development of the next harp concert  and eventually we will put that on our home page: the next year`s concert program details.   Wishing you all the best, By K. SAKATA, the museum owner”


News from Madarao Kogen Sion Harp Museum Ediiton No. 1  Year 2014
The 10th conmemorative harp live concert at Madarao Kogen Sion Harp Museum
will be held on June 7th (Saturday),2014 at 4:00 PM.
SANAE , a very rare electiric woman harpist in Japan, will play at this
concert, acompanied with two guitarists Macha and Satoshi.
Please reserve seats now as the concert audience capacity is limited up to
80 persons. We shall look forward to seeing you again at the concert!!

  The owner of this nuseum went to the 30th International Celtic Harp Festival held at Dinan, Bretagne, France this July.
  This was his 8th participation in the festival and there the owner met again Mr. Myrdhin, this festival organizer,Mr. Ismael Ledesma, the great harpist with highest reputation,
  Mrs. Violaine Alfaric, an individual harp maker, Mr. Eric Piron, a representative of Camac, a very famous  and the biggest harp maker in France among many other friends in this world.
  Before joining this festival the owner visited Madrid, Spain  at the end of June, this year and there  he shared a very enjoyable time with a very famous Spanish Concert Harpist and at the same time, 
  a great professor in the Spanish Graduate School, publishing many books and CDs about harps. Her name is Mrs. Maria Rosa Calvo Manzano.
  Herewith I attach some photographs of my  most valuable journey of this time to Spain and France, with a very successful enrichment of my harp knowledge in general thanks to all those friends in this 
  world.  In  this trip I also acquired a replica of 16 strings harp appeared in the document at Santiago de Compostela, Spain at the Medieval Age, which is now added to the museum collection for the public 
  viewing. Please come and see this invaluable great collection of harps of the world to MADARAO KOGEN SION HARP MUSEUM, a sole existence in the world!!




The 9th Harp Concert in Madarao Highlands was successfully conducted at Madarao Kogen Sion Harp Museum on June 8th, 2013 with the audience of more than 70 persons under the beautiful landscape of green season with white , pink and orange wild flowers,representing the typical nature of Madarao at this time. Ms. Makiko Kurashina played Latin harp and Ms. Yasuko Furukawa joined with her percussion such as maracas and quatro ,a Venezuelan guitar.
They sang together very melodious origina love songs, playing the arpa.
Many people there present were deeply impressed with their profound emotion,listening to the music:one of the highlights of this event.
We shall celebrate the10th Harp Concert in June ,next year, a very commemorative 10th year for our harp concert. Please join us sometime!!

  The 8th Harp Concert in Madarao Kogen Highlands

On June 2nd, 2012, the 8th Harp Concert in Madarao Highlands took place again successfully at Madarao Kogen Sion Harp Museum with the audience of  about 70 persons this time.
Typical Venezueran Music and rhythm have been shown at this concert, demonstrating us how rich the Venezueran music is!!

Arpa venezorana(Venezueran Harp) and Venezueran Guitar (Quatro) have been beautifully played by Ms. Yoko Yoshizawa, Arpista, and by Hisashi Honjyo, Quatro player.
Concierto en la Llanura, Alma Llanera, Moliendo cafe are among  those pieces played at the concert.
The 9th Harp Concert will be materialized next June.
The details will follow in due time, therefore please watch this corner constantly.
We shall look forward to having your presence at the next harp concert. We feel grateful for your utmost assistance to our activities to promote harp music to the world.



        The 7th  Harp  Concert  in  Madarao  Highlands


The 7th Harp Concert  in  Madarao Highlands took place on June 4th , 2011,

quite successfully  with the audience of more than 80 persons.

This time , the classic grand  concert harpist, Mrs. Jyunko  Nobata, flutist  Mr. Shinya Koide, and cellist Mr. Tetsuya Kiuchi , all very much renowned , played together about 16 masterpieces of old times and modern times, including “ Swan Lake “ & “ Haru no Umi “ etc., in spite of this very difficult moment that we all Japanese are now facing with.

Here you can see and feel the exciting scenes of this concert by some photographs as followes. We shall organize the 8th Harp Concert sometime in June next year , as we are very much stimulated by the great success of this time concert. Please watch our news release in due time.


The 6th harp concert at Sion Harp Museum, Madarao Kogen ,Nagano, Japan successfully took place on June 5th, 2010 with the presence of around 80 persons. This time, live music of an Irish traditional harp with iron strings and a typical Mexican harp ( arpa mexicana) have shown their magnificent tunes respectively, inviting the audience to the irresistively attractive atmosphere of their soulfull sounds.


斑尾高原紫音ハープミュージアムコンサート2    斑尾高原紫音ハープミュージアムコンサート

斑尾高原紫音ハープミュージアムコンサート14    斑尾高原紫音ハープミュージアムコンサート5

斑尾高原紫音ハープミュージアムコンサート6   斑尾高原紫音ハープミュージアムコンサート7

斑尾高原紫音ハープミュージアムコンサート8     斑尾高原紫音ハープミュージアムコンサート9 

斑尾高原紫音ハープミュージアムコンサート10     斑尾高原紫音ハープミュージアムコンサート11 

      On June 13, 2009, the 5th Harp Concert took place successfully at Madarao  Kogen Sion Harp Museum with the presence of nearly 80 persons  from all over Japan. tico moon, duo-unit of Irish harp and guitar has presented their unique yet beautiful ensemble with their original music pieces.
            Mr.K. Sakata, owner of this museum has given  a lecture about history and expansion of harps in the world before the harp concert as part 1 event of the day.

       In June, 2010 the 6th Harp Concert will take place. Details  will follow in due cource.

Madarao Kogen Sion Harp Museum (斑尾高原紫音ハープミュージアム)